Family looking for three missing semi-automatic firearms, it has sentimental value reward $1000.00 plus the cost of the firearm if applicable. For Reward or info contact

Mini Uzi carbine folding stock
16 inch barrel
Serial #MC 01625

AK47 Poly-Tech Legend Full Stock

Serial # P47 10611

HC Spectre Pistol Black

Serial # B6944

Some things that you can do to help:

Tell friends, relatives and co-workers
Post on company and community bulletin boards
Give out Web address on face book, twitter and other social networking sites
Send to "Letters to the editor" of local newspapers
Send a copy to local TV and Radio stations
Notify Gun , Pawn and thrift shops along with Flea markets
Notify shooting ranges, Gun show circuits, Gun clubs and organizations
Give a copy to your local police department and sheriffs office

If you cannot do all of these things, that's okay. Maybe you can do one or two. Any help that you give will be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to view my page.

Guns disappeared from Daytona North which is located just west of Bunnell (Flagler County, Florida ). This area is also known as Mondex. "These guns belong to a relative of mine. This person lives in Florida. All 3 firearms are registered in the NCIC and FCIC police databases".